Tottenham reporter’s notebook: Can Spurs bounce back after Bayern Munich thrashing?

As many Tottenham fans flooded long before the closing whistle on Tuesday their Bayern Munich counterparts turned into a chorus of’football’s coming home’ before chanting’we want eight’. The south west LED screens, 325 square metres long, provided a painful visual reality of this scenario – Spurs had conceded seven goals in a house match. The boos from those remaining further highlighted just how much of a nightmare this had become with Jan Vertonghen using the words”embarrassing” and”humiliated” within his post-match reflections. We can review the players’ functioning at the second half but a lot fronted up in the meeting area later and for that they deserve credit. Like their manager they were deflated but decided to put it correctly. If improvements aren’t made, it will fall on deaf ears with supporters. It was a strange day, with Heung-Min Son giving Spurs the lead within an energetic and opening half-hour prompting Mauricio Pochettino to mention that spell has been the best he has felt all 43,, one that began so well. What followed in the second half was anything and the way of this capitulation, devoting five goals, will cause a significant inquest behind the scenes. What are the reasons behind this kind of meltdown? Are some of the players simply beyond their peak years? Can there be an imbalance within the group? Do individual contract scenarios impact on the performance of the team and team mindset? The queries won’t end there. How long can it take to construct the chapter that Pochettino talks about? Will he and Daniel Levy be on precisely the same page regarding a jump? What does it mean for their short-term targets? When asked if he was surprised by how simple that the Germans found it to kill the match , niko Kovac was supportive of his number afterwards. “Obviously you’re surprised as you examine seven goals,” stated the Bayern supervisor. “What must be said however is that all of our shots created it and in our goal [Manuel] Neuer had a good deal to do.” Pochettino has experienced setbacks that were similar . In his book he explained the 5-1 defeat at Newcastle on the 2015/16 season’s day made him to have throughout the summertime. More importantly there was the run leading and it proved to be a moment of Pochettino’s Spurs career. Spurs bounced back and they don’t have to wait to perform with a visit to Brighton on Saturday. Now is the opportunity to”be calm” based on Pochettino and”not rant and rave” however that defeat, together with the loss to Newcastle and the Carabao Cup exit to Colchester, leads to one final question. But on a chastening night at north London have the winds of change begun to blow? Read more:
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