Three College Football Head Coaches on the Hot Seat in Week 3

It’s the unfortunate part of college football. There has to be. When that occurs, from beginning jobs to head coaching hires, everything is put to question. There are plenty of questions after Week 2, and it appears that some may be answered sooner rather than later. Which Electricity 5 head coaches are on the hot seat after only two games? Following is a brief collection of the top three. Willie Taggart was after just one season with Florida State about the hot seat, for him to make a change that year, but fans remained hopeful. That growth has not been clear. Their first match was a loss to Boise State, that was poor enough. Though they won at Week 2, they didn’t look good. Obviously, Florida State shouldn’t require a extra point in overtime to beat Louisiana-Monroe. It’s this easy: that standard is not being met by Willie Taggart, and Florida State includes a regular. They’re a premiere coaching destination because of their tradition. They need to be able to receive a head trainer that is better . I will see them firing Taggart prior to the end of the season in order to be in the forefront of their coaching carousel. Another team that should hive expectations, UCLA is now 3-11 within their first 14 games of their Chip Kelly era. There should be at the very least a possibility for UCLA to compete, without any Pac-12 team running away with the convention. That is not the case with this coaching staff that is present. With their program only getting tougher, Kelly might be on his way out before November. There is still time for these coaches to flip things around, but their backs are totally against the wall. It’s now or never at their existing tasks, and they all are currently trending towards not. I would not anticipate it to be the circumstance, although they can shock us all. Read more:
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