Simone Biles: American equals World Championships record with 23rd medal

Our partners and we use cookies to provide you with the best online experience, including to personalise content and advertising. Information on the advertisements and your discussion with this site could be shared with companies. Please let us know if you agree. Simone Biles equalled the record by Vitaly Scherbo because she claimed her 23rd World Gymnastics Championships trophy with gold. Her gold medal that was 17th came after another wonderful screen by the American in Stuttgart. The record if she competes at the uneven bars final later today of Scherbo can be broken by her. Together with silver being claimed by the Jade Carey of America, the Ellie Downie of Amazing Britain took the bronze medal. Panorama investigates the industry that sells men select up — techniques Take our quiz, then learn a thing or two, then get yourself along and be amazed! Check out the BBC Sport Live Guide for details of the forthcoming live game on the BBC. Read more:
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