Newcastle United and other striped shirt clubs could learn from animal kingdom, claims university study

Footballers who use stripes can learn from the animal kingdom to confuse their opponents – if they run. Research published by scientists shows that creatures with stripes may confuse their predators by simply looking when they move quickly to be blurred. Scientists at Newcastle University played praying mantises footage of rectangular shapes developed to insects , moving across a background to find this out. The movement was designed to be like the experiences of praying mantises. The bugs, some of which had narrow or broad stripes, would move across the display at various speeds, with the mantises tracking them as if they had been prey. Scientists discovered the mantises found it difficult to spot the bugs having stripes moving at faster speeds. This is thought to be because the stripes around the creature become observable into the predator and harder to observe when they move at speed. It is the very first time it has been proven that a few animals benefit from moving to hide themselves while it’s been known for some time now that particular animals camouflage better by blending into their surroundings. The research, Professor Chocolate Rowe’s author, clarified that stripes and the speed are a winning combination from the wild. “While we did so experiment with all praying mantises chasing cosmic bugs on a computer screen, the same principle must apply in the wild,” he said. “So maybe stripes help hide zebras running on the plains, or hoverflies flitting from flower to flower,” she said.Prof Rowe went on to say that footballers could benefit from the signs. “Thus Newcastle United’s stripes could be assisting throw their opponents – as long as the players are running quickly enough,” she said. Sir Alex Ferguson changed the grey off kit in half-time of Manchester United when they lost a match in 1996. The manager said that he felt that they blended in with the crowd and players weren’t able to earn out each other in the bright sun. That kit was never worn by manchester United again. Read more:
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