John Barnes says racism must be tackled in wider society after Romelu Lukaku abuse

John Barnes believes until discrimination has been eradicated from society as a 18, civic abuse will remain in football. Romelu Lukaku became the black participant to get abuse after being exposed to monkey chants on Sunday through Inter Milan’s 2-1 Serie A win over Cagliari. Paul Pogba marcus Rashford and Tammy Abraham all have been targeted at misuse prompting calls for interpersonal websites websites to perform to handle the matter. Lukaku believes football is”going backward” in regards to stamping out racism and Barnes says that the problem will persist unless society will more to teach people about the causes of discrimination. “I wouldn’t say we are going backward but we are just where we were all,” explained Barnes. “There isn’t a footballing solution to this, there’s simply an educational and social remedy to this issue. “What can football do? It’s a thing that is social, an enlightening thing. Have a look at the environment individuals have been brought in, which has got nothing to do with football. “Soccer is a vehicle for them to reveal [racism] but it is not an issue in football, it is a problem in society. “Until we begin to question it, it is going to exist in all walks of culture .” Barnes states the current incidents of racist abuse in soccer are a”disgrace” but thinks the game is doing much more to eradicate the issue than a number of other regions of society. He explained:”Michael Johnson and Chris Powell have just been given tasks in the English FA and, although I’m not a large fan of positive discrimination, at least football seems to be doing anything to deal with problem. “We absolve ourselves of responsibility with only looking at soccer to talk about the big problems. “Yes we do have the problem of racism in soccer but they appear to be doing over other industries, in attempting to promote equality. “If you want to keep it to a football degree, yes it is a disgrace and something has to be done, but nobody has come up with a plan to try and do anything about it” Read more:
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