Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool: Roy Keane, Graeme Souness and Jose Mourinho reaction

Graeme Souness called Liverpool’s triumph over Chelsea”awful” while Jose Mourinho endorsed his old club doctrine beneath Frank Lampard. Roberto Firmino header and trent Alexander-Arnold’s thunderbolt, both sides of a disallowed Cesar Azpilicueta equaliser, saw the Celtics leaders open up a two-goal lead inside half an hour at Stamford Bridge. The Reds held on for a 2-1 success which was their Premier League win in a row and sets these five points clear of Manchester City although chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante’s fantastic solo attempt set up a final 19 minutes. Here is the way our Super Sunday pundits responded to the victory of Liverpool and whether their early advantage over City has some significance. “They won awful now and got off with it. They were different groups in both halves. From the first half, they were fabulous – really threatening. However, from the second half for the previous 30 seconds, they were hanging on. The midfield couldn’t keep hold of the ball and they have been under pressure. “For the goal, Fabinho looked like he had been towing a caravan. Is that they had a tricky game in midweek. Chelsea will rightly think that they must have got something out of the match ” “When you win games, you have to hang there. When you return on the bus after these types of games you wo analyse it. You move on another game. They’d have obtained it if you told them before the game you would win 2-1 although there are times to be self-critical. If they win the jackpot they will not look back in this result thinking’we might have done better ‘ – they will just be delighted to have the medal in their control, even though it’s just September.” “it is a major result. Liverpool and manchester City will be considering the fixtures of each other when they move away to big six teams since it’s an opportunity to fall points. Both teams, whether they buy there or nothave to aim for 100 points. You can just drop 14 points. A draw isn’t a fantastic outcome. In years past you’d go away to Arsenal and you would be pleased with a point. City have changed that – pulling away from home is not a great outcome.” And just what about the functionality of Chelsea? Their manager was in the studio and he is on board with Lampard and club’s doctrine, although he hopes that the fans do not begin accepting losing. “I hope that they don’t get used to it [losing] – that’s the key thing. When you begin accepting defeats because your team play and your players gave it their best to be proud, with respect to their application and commitment. “I believe when you get used to it, big clubs cease being large clubs. They shouldn’t be utilized to it. It shows folks are ready to accept the year will be under a manager who is one with and a possibly top supervisor and ready for the year. “The truth is these numbers state Liverpool are 10 points before Chelsea – they aren’t going to fight for the title. Let us support the doctrine of providing time for the players and the supervisor to work together. “I like their ideas. I believe that their type of play has been accommodated to what football is like nowadays and adapted to the profile. Within this moment, they are far from being able to compete for titles” Read more:
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